Framing Hope FAQs


About the Program

Q: Who is Good360 and how are they involved?

A: Good360, formerly Gifts In Kind International, was selected by The Home Depot to manage Framing Hope—The Home Depot Community Product Donation Program. Good360 is a 501(c)(3) organization that was created in 1983 to help companies efficiently donate slow-moving, obsolete and seasonal inventory to charitable organizations. These products are new and include nonperishables such as apparel, books, toys, personal care products, office and school supplies, computers and much more.  Today, the nonprofit leader in product philanthropy distributes goods to an extensive network of prequalified charities, schools and libraries on behalf of America’s top brands. Good360 has been recognized by both the Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy and Forbes for its excellence and efficiency, respectively, in helping companies drive their bottom lines and at the same time do social good. For more information, visit

Q: What kind of items will be donated from participating The Home Depot stores?

A: The items available for donation may include building supplies and materials, plumbing products and assorted home improvement and cleaning items. Specific items, including quantity, type and/or assortment CANNOT be guaranteed. Paint and other chemicals, ladders, Hazmat materials, fire extinguishers, returned electronics and chainsaws will NOT be included in the donations.

Q: How long does the program last?

A: Selected nonprofits agree to participate in the program for at least one year. Nonprofits can sign up to participate again toward the end of the yearlong partnership. Good360 will match partners on a 12-month basis.

Q: Approximately how much product will be donated in the course of the 12-month period?

A: There is no guarantee as to the volume or frequency of the donations, though it is expected to be substantial and best intended for large, established nonprofits who can handle some inventory. 

Q: Which The Home Depot stores are participating in the program?

A: Stores throughout the U.S. are participating in the donation program. Interested nonprofit organizations must first register to become a Good360 member. Once approved for Good360 membership, nonprofits can request to be partnered with a Home Depot store through our online catalog (

Q: Which organizations can participate in the program?

A: Nonprofit organizations that are designated as tax-exempt under Rule 501 (c)(3) by the Internal Revenue Service in the United States are eligible to apply. The nature of the donations would be best suited for nonprofits that are working in home and shelter rehab, or building and maintenance. Community nonprofits that supply building and home improvement materials to the poor and needy are also eligible. 

Q: What if my nonprofit organization has already been receiving donations from its local The Home Depot store?

A: All charities participating in this program must complete the selection process. Our store managers are encouraged to nominate local charities they already have a relationship with, but all donations through this program must meet the guidelines and criteria for participation.


Information for Nonprofits

Q: How can I sign up to participate in the new Framing Hope Community Product Donation Program?

A: Interested nonprofit organizations must first register to become a Good360 member. Once approved for Good360 membership, nonprofits can request to be partnered with a Home Depot store through our online catalog (

Q: What costs are involved with participating?

A: Some administrative costs are required to maintain registration in the program. Good360 can confirm those costs with interested organizations.

Q: Once I’ve registered for The Home Depot donation program, can I request other products through the Good360 program?

A: Yes. Nonprofits that qualify for The Home Depot donation program are eligible to request other product donations through the Good360 network. More information is available at

Q: My organization has been selected for the program, now what do I do?

A: Once your organization has completed the screening process and is matched with a Home Depot store, our Service Team will contact you with next steps.  We kindly ask that you do not contact the store manager at this time.

Q: We would like to announce this partnership in our community. Can we go ahead and contact media?

A: No. Any mention of the program must be approved by Good360 and The Home Depot. Please contact the Good360 press office for approval on any press releases, media advisories, interviews, blogs/vlogs, webcasts, organization newsletters, websites, etc.


Other Questions?

If your question has not been appropriately answered on this website, please contact Good360 at or (703) 836-2121 and ask for a Home Depot donation representative.