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Sustainability Report
How The Home Depot Turns Ideas Into Action​

 Sustainable Forestry

​We promote responsible forestry management through industry leading wood purchasing policy.
Our 7,000 + Eco Options products save energy overnight, money overtime, and the planet for years to come.
The Home Depot is committed to recycling as much product as possible, whenever possible in our own operations. We source recycled content for our shopping bags, signage, and office supplies. We recycle all of our corrugated cardboard and wood pallets. We have programs to keep drywall separators out of our landfills by recycling them into usable product. We also want to make it easy for you, our customers, to recycle in your communities by offering rechargeable battery, CFL, and holiday light recycling events at our stores. 
The Home Depot recognizes that recycling is a lifetime commitment that requires effort every day of every year. We'll continue to recycle and support companies that put recycled content to good use. We hope you do, too.
Everyone's Commitment to Recycling
The "3 R's" of being a smart consumer are easy to remember and put into practice:
  • Reduce: Buy only what you need and there's less to throw away.
  • Reuse: Buy durable, long-lasting products that can be used repeatedly to reduce resource consumption.
  • Recycle: From used aluminum grills to scrap wood, give new life to your castoffs and keep them out of landfills and incinerators.Opt for products that contain recycled content.
Following these simple guidelines can have enormous environmental impact including reduced consumption of raw materials and energy, less waste, fewer landfills, and less pollution.